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Marcerate refers to softening solids by breaking them into pieces. The Saniflo macerating systems has a rotating cutting blade which liquefy the feces and toilet paper. Thus, when the feces are mixed with flushing water, it will easily flush into the drain.

Lake Tahoe is a destination that is great year round. If you are seeking a relaxing weekend on the slopes then winter is your best bet. If you want to soak up some rays on the beach then summer is the way to go. Lake Tahoe is a great place to visit no matter what your budget. A great way to visit Lake Tahoe on a budget is to rent a vacation home with a group of friends. Lake Tahoe is known for having some of the best ski resorts around. You can’t visit Lake Tahoe without visiting the beautiful world famous lake. The views at the lake are out of this world. Crystal clear water with snow capped mountains in the background. If you go during the summer months consider taking a glass bottom boat ride on the stunning lake.

Mystery weekends are a specialty of the Franklin Victorian bed and breakfast. You will enjoy a weekend of mystery and excitement along with other guests at the Franklin Victorian historic inns charleston. Try to guess who dun it?

A few visitors even claim to have caught a glimpse of the keeper out of the corner of their eye. Others say they have seen his reflection in mirrors and glass. None felt frightened or threatened in any way; just a warm feeling of being welcomed into a home.

White River Lighthouse of Lake Michigan owed its construction to the heroism of Captain William Robinson. The town had petitioned more than once for a lighthouse but was repeatedly turned down. Therefore, Robinson took it upon himself to warn people night-after-night by waving his lantern in the air. Finally, a lighthouse was granted to the area in 1875 and Robinson became its first keeper. It is reported that he and his wife Sarah were very happy there.

To start of with, if you enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air, then camping is something to think about when you planning a holiday away from it all. At home, maybe you are one for sitting out in the back garden, or you love gardening or going for short walks every day. These are one of the signs that will probably make you a potential camper. You may have enjoyed swimming outdoors in a friend’s pool if not your own, or playing many activities which are enjoyed outdoors. With camping, you can have a go at sleeping outside, eating out and doing other activities which are fun like frisbee, lawn tennis or badminton. Examine camping and look at the benefits.

Other guests report that the captain likes to play pranks like turning the hat on a mannequin dressed in lightkeeper’s garb backwards. Sometimes, cigars appear in the breast pocket of the mannequin, even though no cigars are available anywhere on site. On other occasions the captain has supposedly turned the silverware upside down on the table; something he always did when he was alive. Other times, he seems to close the Bible that is part of a nearby display.

This wonderful area offers a condo at only $108 per person which includes your lift tickets. You will also receive a $25 gift card for use at the resort.

When you’re in Cyprus, you’ll want to visit the ruins. Both Greek and Roman ruins can be found, and surprisingly they’re in fairly good shape. You’ll definitely want to visit Kourion, an ancient city nestled on the coast.

But, don’t hesitate, Count Dracula is long gone but Europe is coming fast. Property values will continue to rise dramatically and amenities will continue to improve, all to correspond with EU standards. Eventually, Transylvania will become as untouchable as many other European destinations.