Lee Wilson started his career in 1992 but has been involved in music since the age of 14. Over the years he’s honed his skills as a disc jockey and master of ceremonies. From weddings and clubs to corporate and private events, Lee is comfortable in front of any crowd in any situation.

Such a diverse background has given Lee the ability to successfully read any room and play to their tastes. Whether it’s big band, Motown, funk, top 40, hip hop, or rock (just to name a few), Lee’s vast musical knowledge allows him to play just the right song at that perfect moment. Going on his 12th year in the music industry, he’s played all over the New England area leaving hundreds of satisfied clients and their guests in his wake.

Most of Keith‘s life has revolved around music and video production. He began by making his own remixes of popular songs at the age of 14. From there he went on to record demo albums for bands as well as making music videos. By the age of 22 he was directing/producing local television shows and documentaries as well as DJing at clubs, weddings, and numerous types of events. Keith’s musical background encompasses a wide variety of genres from rock ‘n roll, to classical, to Hip Hop. And with his skills of blending, mixing, and scratching, all of this makes him a very well rounded DJ. Simply put, he loves to play the music that you want to hear.

Tony has been DJing for nearly 6 years and his experience as a DJ/MC is noticed immediately. Always courteous and professional, Tony understands a crowd’s music interests and delivers at every job he performs at. Tony brings a strong knowledge of sound and lighting to the table with a personality that clients love