When people are shopping for a Disc Jockey, it is very common that the first question they ask is about price. We understand that planning a event of any kind is very expensive and time consuming. We also understand that you need to compare prices in order to get an idea for your budget.

Our rates vary depending upon the date, time needed, location, package chosen, your specific needs and other variables that can impact the final rate. Rather than just creating a generic menu of prices, we prefer to work with each individual client to create a package that best suits their needs.

Generally speaking, professional Disc Jockeys in Massachusetts area charge between $650 and $1900 for Wedding Receptions, and often less for other types of private parties. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are the most expensive, starting at $900 and some companies go as high as $10,000, but of course there is a lot more than just a DJ for that price.

In wedding terms, anything less that $650 is not considered professional and will be sub-standard in some way DJ’s cut corners by not having liability insurance, cheap equipment or a poor music selection.

When it comes to partys most quality DJ services using professional grade equipment, a large updated music collection and who carry liablility insurance tend to have prices that start in the area of $475 and go up depending on the talent.

Before you set your budget, we feel it is very important to caution you about the risks of selecting a Disc Jockey based solely on price. Please, keep in mind that we are talking about entertainment. Although we are not the cheapest. We are a professional entertainment service with years of experience creating fun parties

UnderGround Sound offers:

1. Reliability.

2. Experience.

3. Pleasing and cooperative personalities.

4. Professional equipment and Liability Insurance.

5. An extensive music collection.

6. Level of personal service that makes our prices an excellent value.

7. Your DJ/MC will also act as the Entertainment Director, making sure that your event flows smoothly so that you can relax and have a great time..

*UnderGround Sound is not a booking agency we use our own DJ’s who work for us.

* We don’t have several different websites which are all affiliated with the same company. (Make sure the website has phone numbers and addresses on them not just a form to fill out)

Our Packages contain everything you expect from a “Professional” DJ Service.

1. Preliminary Consultation to help you get started with the planning of your reception..

2. A properly attired DJ/MC

3. Our professional grade system, and our complete music library.

4. NO COSTUMES OR GIMMICKS….We don’t make use of costumes, hats, inflatable props, or any other things that will cheapen your event. No cheesy DJ antics.

5. Our goal is provide our clients with professional entertainment that will have them, and their guests dancing the night away, but without the “cheese Factor” or the DJ who feel’s the needs to be the center of attention.

6. You might say that our gimmick is our professionalism. We don’t draw attention to ourselves, we draw attention to the dance floor. As Lee would say “your the coach and it is our job to run your gameplan”.